I'm visiting Jersey, can I fly at your site?

The Jersey Model Aero Club welcome visitors to our site. We ask that you get in touch to let us know when you're coming. You will need proof of current insurance and there are certain constraints that you should be aware of when flying at Les Landes.

How much does it cost to become a member?

  • Full flying senior membership including third party insurance is available and costs £70
  • Full flying junior membership including third party insurance is open to anyone up to and including the age of eighteen and costs £25
  • A non flying membership is available to anyone wishing to support the Club at £10

A one off entry fee of £25.00 for full flying Senior membership is payable.
The Junior and Associated membership entry fee is nil.

Application forms for new members can be downloaded from the membership page.

Subscriptions include membership to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA)

Where can I fly?

Powered flying is only allowed by the authorities of Jersey at our flying field at Les Landes.
Numerous Gliding sites are available around the coast of the Island.
On occasions when there is no wind for slope soaring, gliders can be aero towed to height at the power site.
Electric flight is generally regarded as powered flight, and as such takes place at Les Landes.

Is there anything I need to know about flying at Les Landes?

A rule book is made available to all members. These rules exist for safety purposes and also combine the requirements of the Local Authorities and the Airport Air Traffic Control. Full information in this respect is included during any training given by existing members of the club.

Do you hold Club Meetings?

Meetings are held monthly on the 1st Thursday of the month at 8.00pm at the St Brelade's Social Club at Quennevais.

I've seen the Club trophies, how are these awarded?

Regular competitions are held throughout the flying season, with trophies awarded to the winners at the end of the year.

I don't get up to Les Landes as often as I'd like, how do I find out what's going on within the Club?

News is given within the club forum within our website or may be emailed to members giving details of events and results of club competitions, plus any other items of interest.

How can I develop my flying skills?

The club has BMFA approved examiners for power and glider disciplines to assess the ability of those club members wishing to participate in the BMFA achievement schemes. Certificates are issued by the BMFA as evidence of a member’s achievements.
The club issues solo certificates when a member proves his competency to fly safely. The BMFA "A" certificate establishes the ability of a person to fly a set of specified manoeuvres and the BMFA considers this it's solo certificate.
The BMFA "B" certificate is evidence of a more advanced standard and the club requires a pilot to hold this certificate to enable him to participate in public displays. A further competency certificate is required in order to operate gas turbine powered models.