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Current members should download the 2018 renewal form and complete all the necessary details then post together with appropriate payment to Simon Barr. Membership fees are due to be set at the AGM.

Joining the Club couldn't be easier and offers many advantages.
There is a joining fee payable by all new members and an annual subscription fee.
Club membership includes full membership of the BMFA and provides full insurance cover for all model flying activities in Jersey and Worldwide.

How much does it cost to become a member?

  • A one off entry fee of £25.00 for full flying membership is payable.
  • Full flying Senior membership costs £70 and includes membership of the British Model Flying Association (BMFA).
  • Junior membership is open to anyone up to and including the age of eighteen and costs £25, including membership of the BMFA.
  • A non flying (associate) membership is available to anyone wishing to support the Club at £10.
  • NOTE: Fees for the forthcoming year are subject to membership approval at the AGM.

The Junior and Associated membership entry fee is nil.
Membership of the BMFA also includes third party public liability insurance and the subscription to the magazine "BMFA News".

Please download both the JMAC membership and BMFA application forms below and complete and send a copy of both forms to the membership Secretary.

Alternatively you can print out the forms, complete them and post them to our membership secretary:

Simon Barr,
Clos du Maresq,
La Rue du Nord,
Trinity, JE3 5AH

JMAC 2018 Membership Application Form

JMAC BMFA Membership Application Form

This and other downloads are in PDF format and as such require a PDF reader such as Adobe Acrobat.
Click here to get Acrobat Reader.